a virtual exhibition built in Minecraft
for and by autistic young people


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The Place of Things

A non-Euclidian maze, with rooms filled with Alex’s favourite things. Redstone machines are a large feature, including a locked front door, and an illusory hallway which opens new rooms when you flip a switch.

Pride flags and blåhaj are the centrepiece in this wonderful wooden labyrinth.

by Alex (she/they)

Mushroom Grove

mushroom grove is a magical forest, filled with giant flowers and bees. On your journey through, you might encounter zombie fairies, but run fast enough, and you’ll reach the mushroom cottage, amongst the observatory and art pavilion.

mushroom grove will wow you with its Cottagecore vibes and amazing level of detail.

by Poppy (she/they)

A bit of everything

I was kinda going for open and cosy at the same time – I also wanted to include all of my interests, like the greek temple and the garden surrounded by trees.

With the house I decided to take inspiration from ancient Roman architecture with a spin on it. I’ve always liked the idea of living underground. The concept was intriguing to me, which is what I did inside the mountain. I filled it with mushrooms and weird plants (naturally) and made it cosy.

by Goblin (she/her)Instagram


Paradise is filled with happiness and calm. An abundance of flowers adorn the grounds, surrounded by the gallery of memories.

Rivers flow through with colour-changing rocks that sit at the bottom of the stream. You come face-to-face with winter, a land of clouds and restfulness. All of it is very open with fresh air, and in nature, as that is what I love 🙂

by India (she/her)Instagram

Comfort Characters

Each corner contains a different character, all inspired by different interests.

Containing a potion bottle, a music note house and the epic The Stanley Parable adventure line, this four-part build will make you relive your favourite Gen Z history!

by Kit (he/they)

Shadows and Stages

All the world’s a stage, all the men and women merely players. Shadows on a stage full of stages. From nothing to nothing again and yet that nothing holds so much. A meaningless existence full of meaning you could call it.

Shadows and Stages takes you on a performer’s journey with unique behind the scenes thoughts and feelings you couldn’t get anywhere else. Travelling around this scenic garden is a curated experience you won’t forget.

by Robin (they/them)TikTok

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality gives you a sneak peek of identity through social media, video games and VR.

Created with only digital presentation in mind, this build only shows what you would see through the headset lenses.

by Beatrix Finch (they/them)Instagram

Forest Floor

A Minecraft build of a beetle and a centipede at the base of a tree. The surrounding area includes soil, grassy patches and rocks.

by Jo Brown (he/him)Instagram

Welcome to house(TM)

Welcome to house(TM) will remind you of your Minecraft base.

The warm spruce home filled with bookcases and note blocks is glamorous by a pro gamer’s standards. Try and find the secret door!

by AKTSB (he/him)

My school

My school is the best school ever! Outside the school has the things I like doing outside school and inside the school has the things I like doing inside school.

When people walk around my school I want them to remember their favourite things about school.

by Brandi (she/her)


Tower is a functional Minecraft base, built how J would build it within their own Minecraft world. It contains 3 different item farms, one for sugarcane, a cactus farm and a sheep wool farm.

Their inspirations are placed outside of the tower’s vicinity, illustrated in a pixel art style. The interests include several Minecraft series, like The Life Series’, 3rd Life and Last Life.

Tower is a great inspiration for your own Minecraft worlds, as well as an experience to explore in itself.

by J (they/it)

Pink Diamond’s Garden

Pink Diamond’s Garden looks exactly the same as it does in the Steven Universe movie.

Overgrown but still withered, the decay in this place shows that it has not been used for a while.

Walking through this magical garden will take you back to times watching Steven, Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet.

by Alex (he/they)

“Behind The Scenes” by Robin